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3 Things Every Single Parent Should Know About Dating

As an online divorce review site, we take a great deal of interest in how the people who visit our page fare after the divorce is final. Many of these individuals are single moms and dads, and eventually each one will wonder about reentering the dating field. When that occurs, we want you to be prepared for the road ahead, so your time isn’t wasted. Here are some recommendations for how to succeed.

1. Be protective of your children. 

Children have a simpler way of looking at the world, and they’re more likely to get attached to someone quickly than you are, having just come out of a relationship. For this reason alone, you should think twice about introducing them to someone you are dating. Try to keep that meeting from happening until you are serious about pursuing a relationship, or else you run the risk of circling through an endless batch of prospects to confuse your child.

2. Be cautious with social media. 

Many single parents immediately jump out into the dating world and start posting pictures of them with their dates. They also play fast and loose with the privacy settings on their accounts, posting photos of their children to anyone who can see. Keeping these two streams separate is important. For starters, it might be easy for your child to access your account and see that you’ve been with people who are decidedly not Dad. While there is no crime against this, it can confuse things, and if you and your ex have agreed to keep things private regarding your private lives, it can raise uncomfortable questions between you and your ex. Bottom line: don’t be in a hurry to broadcast your dating status to the world, especially when you have little ones at home. And don’t friend just anyone — i.e. people you go out with once or twice — who can see all the photos of you with your kids. You want to be careful with the access that you allow to your life.

3. Don’t be with someone who can’t go with the flow. 

Taking care of children and coordinating with an ex requires flexibility, and if you’re dating someone who doesn’t have the patience for it, then you need to cut that relationship off before both of you get hurt. Your kids are your number one priority, so make sure anyone you date knows that and that they’re fine with moving at your pace.

By sticking to these recommendations, you’ll stand a much better chance of success. Best of luck as you take that step.

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