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4 Things Every New Parent Should Do To Keep Their Relationship From Stumbling

As an online divorce review site, it never surprises us to see that more than half of the divorces that happen in the United States are from couples with children. Having a child is a major event in the life of two people who were previously used to going it alone. Even in cases when the couple has more than one child, having a second or third baby is sort of like starting over again since each pregnancy is different and the demands of an infant are unique.

Experts often advise new parents to avoid making major life altering decisions in the first year of a child’s life, yet each year many men and women split before their child’s first birthday. To keep this from happening, here are four things every new parent should do to keep their relationship from stumbling.

1. Find together time.

New parents are often completely focused on the child, and they lose the spark that drew them to one another. That’s easy to do when you’re both so drained of energy, privacy, and time. While you may not be ready for the extra expense, you should find a way to get your child into the hands of a responsible caretaker at least twice a month and use that free time to date and rekindle your romance. If you have a trusted family member, hit them up. If twice a month is too much for them, then consider using them once a month and then hiring a recommended sitter on night two.

2. Start going to bed at the same time again.

When you were pregnant or you just brought the child home from the hospital, there was probably a lot of sleeping in separate rooms and going to bed at different times. Don’t allow that to become the norm. You need that close bond in order to regain your status as a “couple” and not just two caretakers.

3. Recalibrate your financial goals.

Kids come with new expenses, and if you’re not organized, the experience of raising them can eat a hole in your savings account. Be structured as you take on new expenses and try to cut out areas of waste to offset.

4. Spend less time on social media and more time together. 

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the lot can be mind-numbing, relationship-dividing activities. You end up spending more time spying on the lives of other people then communicating with each other. Stop! Put down the phones, hold hands, kiss, talk, and enjoy each other as individuals.

Anyone have memories of being a new parent? Did it end your relationship, or were you able to thrive? Share your experiences in our comments section.

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