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Affording Divorce: How to Do It Right

Divorce is often cited as one of the most costly legal actions you’ll ever go through. To be fair, that’s not always true particularly if you and your spouse have few issues and are able to work it out without a lengthy litigation. Unfortunately, more often than not, a divorce action goes to trial, clogging up the court system and sending costs to the stratosphere.

But it is possible to afford divorce with or without an attorney provided you’re able to accomplish the following. 

1. Work on your relationship. 

No, we’re not telling you to do the impossible. You don’t have to resolve all of your differences or concede defeat in order to make your spouse happy. But if you want to keep things from spiraling out of control, you should work on your relationship with regard to how you deal with conflict. Don’t say or do anything that might escalate the situation or pour gasoline on the fire. Try to maintain a business-like approach, keeping your focus forward instead of backward. 

2. Use an attorney referral service. 

Attorneys know that there is a lot of competition in their sector, and so to attract clients, they often offer special incentives to let them handle your case through an attorney referral service that specializes in connecting clients in need to local practitioners. Some of the online divorce reviews that we offer at MDD actually cover attorney referral services to point clients in the right direction.

3. If possible, work it out on your own. 

Even better than using an attorney, you could partner with a reputable forms site that has the ability to walk you through the paperwork step-by-step for a fraction of the cost. These options typically work best for people who are able to manage conflict well or work out any of the divisive issues before filing. 

4. Don’t forget to budget other costs.

Additional costs that you will encounter in a divorce might include filing fees and other unforeseen expenses. Before you sign with an attorney or take the task on yourself, make sure that you’ve examined the laws in your region and that you are aware of all the costs associated with the divorce, not just the price on the service you are considering. For this information, your county clerk is a great resource. 

While divorce can be a financial hardship, it doesn’t have to drag on for years and break the bank. Try the options above, and get focused on the future.

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