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Complete Overview of of the Wisconsin Divorce Laws

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Important Wisconsin Divorce Guidelines to File for a Divorce

Wisconsin Residency Requirements For Divorce

Wisconsin residency requirements state that, prior to the initial filing one spouse must have been a legal resident of Wisconsin for a minimum of thirty days.

Grounds For Divorce In Wisconsin

There is only one grounds that is usually stated in a divorce and it is:

  • irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.
Wisconsin Child Custody

The court will try to award joint legal custody, but will always act in the best interest of the child, here are some common factors:

  • both parties agree to joint legal custody, or
  • the parties do not agree to joint legal custody, but one party requests joint legal custody and the court specifically finds the following:
  1. both parties are capable of performing parental duties and responsibilities and wish to have an active role in raising the child;
  2. no conditions exist at that time which would substantially interfere with the exercise of joint legal custody;
  3. the parties will be able to cooperate in the future decision making required under an award of joint legal custody.
Wisconsin Child Support Guidelines

When it comes to child support ruling Wisconsin has adhered to certain guidelines which usually apply in every case. To calculate the support payments by the parents the courts will take into account the gross income of both parents as well as certain child related expenses. It is commonly understood that child support payments will continue until the child reaches the age of 18 but may be extended until they finish their secondary education.


When filing Wisconsin divorce papers the divorce proceedings will be heard within the county of the spouse who initially files the divorce forms.


Mediation is provided in every county in Wisconsin after filing Wisconsin divorce papers. The divorcing couples may file for mediation in order to resolve certain issues within the divorce. If they can come to an agreement on the issues in question the divorce will be able to proceed on an uncontested basis.