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Divorced Men, More Likely To Live Alone

divorced men more likely to live aloneSince the 1970′s, a larger number of men, ages 15 to 64, have become the heads of single-person households. In other words, they’re living alone, and according to new US Census data, divorce is the likely culprit.

To support their claims, the Census Bureau points to an 11 percent increase in the number of men living alone. Today, more than 34 percent are residing in one-person households compared to just 23 percent in 1970.

The report reasons that the increase in divorces, specifically the spike in the divorce rate between 1970 and 1980, could be affecting the change.

Interestingly, no increase was detected in the amount of women living alone, or men over the age of 65 for that matter. The Census report speculated that this consistency in numbers is because a child is more likely to live with his mother after a divorce.

Divorce Challenges

Each group — men and women — has its own set of challenges. As a do it yourself divorce service, (MDD) sees it all the time.

Men struggle with the prospect of being alone and often removed from the constant company of their children. They also see an added financial burden in child support and (possibly) alimony.

Women struggle with the financial and personal aspects of raising one or more children without help.

Even with mutual, DIY divorce, couples can feel at a loss for what comes next. The impending loneliness is often something spouses don’t think about when they first file for divorce. If you’re finding it difficult to cope, here are some things that can help you deal.

  • Reconnect with old friends.
  • Become more active outside of the house or apartment.
  • Focus on work.
  • Obviously, being the sole caregiver of a child (or children) can be just as much of a burden than being alone. Either way you start to feel disconnected from your own happiness. If you have custody of the children, let grandma and grandpa or a trusted friend take them occasionally, so you can have time to explore your own interests.

Have you ever lived alone after a divorce? How did you handle the silence?

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