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Complete Review of the divorce document preparation service offered at DivorceWriter.com

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Review of DivorceWriter.com for the online divorce service

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Visit DivorceWriter.com

The Major Intent
While the design of the site may not be as easy to navigate as MyDivorcePapers.com, LegalZoom.comCompleteCase.com or iDivorceForms.com, DivorceWriter.com’s major intent is to make sure that you have all the tools necessary to complete your online divorce with minimal headaches. When reviewing their Better Business Bureau reports they do seem to have quite a few complaints.  However, they appear to resolve them as fast as they come in so we like that.  They even provide alimony and child support calculators, so that you and your spouse can walk through one of the more difficult points of contention when it comes to dissolving the relationship.  This is something that is unique although the other sites seem to offer something similar.

If you’re concerned about co-parenting, the website also features some parenting plans in place to get you started on this new and sometimes shaky chapter of your life.  Another key feature that we have found in MyDivorcePapers.com.

Possible Drawbacks

While DivorceWriter.com is definitely a step up from referral-based services like TotalDivorce.com, it still has a number of limitations that may make a petitioner and their spouse feel like they’re “going it alone.”

For starters, they’ve yet to receive the attorney recommendation status of an iDivorceForms.com or MyDivorcePapers.com. We like the fact that MyDivorcePapers.com actually showcases an attorney on their website.  This means that if you’re uncertain of something, you won’t find any professional accreditation to set your mind at ease. There is also less of an established history here, and there are no case managers to guide you through the process, only detailed instructions.

Also, it’s package price of $229 is a little high, though they are running a discounted special of $149, making things a little more affordable and competitive as the other sites we have looked into.

In Summary

DivorceWriter is definitely a good site for getting access to the latest forms and getting started with the divorce filing process. However, if you are starting fresh in the process, you may still find it a little difficult to maneuver without a dedicated case manager, and if you purchase the package out-of-season, then you could be paying too much for some reduction in service compared to other sites out there.  Not our first choice but still a good service.

About DivorceWriter.com

DivorceWriter is a website more for the do-it-yourself divorce crowd, offering a number of tools and benefits that can get you started on the path to your decree right away.

You start with a free registration and qualification process that will let you know almost immediately whether you’re a good candidate for a DIY divorce. If it’s determined that you are, then you can move forward with the forms completion process, which is pretty easy and straight-forward, though there is no attorney support offered.

What DivorceWriter does provide is a number of detailed instructions for walking through the process and serving your spouse.

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