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Legal Zoom Review on their Divorce services



Possible Drawbacks
One of the hangups that some have complained about when it comes to LegalZoom is the limited editing option. According to the site’s guidelines, you have a window of about 30 days to make changes to your divorce papers. This along with the five to seven business day turnaround places it behind sites like and and unlimited changes at sites like and

Also, as of this writing has an antiquated by-mail, paper delivery while other sites allow you to utilize downloads and electronic files. It’s a bit of an inconvenience and hard to figure given the sheer amount of websites out there that have successfully transitioned to all-electronic.

Furthermore, Legal Zoom does not appear to offer services in all 50 US states as many other sites do.

Still, LegalZoom does come with a strong base of satisfied customers with many endorsers in the legal and entertainment professions and a Better Business Bureau rating of A+.

It doesn’t quite compare to the dedicated case manager approach that sites like and offer, but it is a testament to the level of customer service that you will likely receive by considering as a provider.

In Summary

The attorney support is a major selling point of LegalZoom, but you may still be paying a bit too much for the service considering the other drawbacks and the number of competing sites that offer many of the same perks and even go beyond the level of service at close to half the cost. While LegalZoom is still a better option than hiring an attorney for individuals who are strong candidates for do-it-yourself divorce, it comes up a little short compared to some other services out there.


One of the more recognizable names in the online divorce arena is Founded by attorneys and one of the only sites that offers attorney support, there is much to recommend LZ from many of the other sites on the web.

It provides free registration and qualification for individuals wondering if do-it-yourself divorce is the right option. Many of the standard tools for planning a settlement are here: child support/alimony calculators, free name change, parenting plans. Also, the unlimited customer support is a big perk as is the industry insider knowledge.

With these bonuses, the $299 price tag may seem a bit more justified than it is with sites like and, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best option or the better value.

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