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Our Review of Online Divorce Services



How It Differs Review is one we are exited to offer.  We feel that MyDivorcePapers is ultimately the better value because it goes beyond the basic do-it-yourself divorce process and incorporates a number of other advantages that,, and most other sites do not.

Perhaps the biggest difference is in the provision of an actual case manager for each petitioner, who uses the website. This is an actual person that can be dialed or emailed directly at any time, and it’s included in the website’s package price of $199.

One of things that we really like about this site is that it is the only one that offers legal form preparation services for an online divorce, annulment and a legal separation.

Additionally, this is the only site we can find that offers an extra service that will not only file the documents in the court for you but also serve your spouse.  That is huge in our opinion.

No one else seems to offer that. is also recommended by attorneys, which is a rarity among divorce forms services. This is likely because of the accurate information, the extra supervision of the process, and the fact that is open and honest about the fact that do-it-yourself divorce is not for everyone.  Now many make claims but what really pushed us over the top is the eKomi Feedback loop as well as the Certified Comments Feedback loop of customer reviews.  Nothing really says that this is the No. 1 pick like real testimonials.The site emphasizes that the process is best reserved for instances of low- or no-conflict divorce in which the spouses are capable of communicating with one another and reaching an agreement on the division of assets and child custody.

In addition to the above advantages, also keeps a full video library on the divorce process and provides helpful tips and information for support after the divorce papers have been finalized. Their YouTube Channel shows hundreds of videos that are not only well thought out but also very informative.

Finally we like to look at the social media side of things. Having great reviews is great but nothing speaks more colume about a service than those that choose to follow the site. As of the time of this review,’s facebook fan page had over 20,000 LIKES and seems to grow more more everyday. This really helps us to put this site over the top and declare it as the leader in the online divorce space.

If an online divorce is something that you feel the need to engage, it would be hard to find a better company to go with than this one.
In Summary provides extra support above and beyond the basic automated assistance. It’s the personal care that has established a one million-strong client base and led to more than a decade of service throughout the United States. We highly recommend this option if you’re considering a DIY divorce, annulment or legal separation.  Starting at just $199, they will complete all the required forms, serve your spouse and file the paperwork in the court.


In a world of numerous online divorce services, it takes a lot to stand out from the pack, but MyDivorcePapers manages to do just that. There is a reason that we’ve ranked it as our number one website for divorce forms completion and submission. There are no discernible flaws that we’ve been able to see in the service at this time.

A long established entity — it’s been in business since 2002 — MDP has helped more than one million filers navigate the system free and clear of an attorney, and they’ve managed to do so while maintaining a Better Business Bureau rating of A+, the very highest around.

Like, it features free registration and qualification and the most up-to-date divorce forms. It also has an easy-to-complete process that walks users through each step of filling out the paperwork and then compiles the answers into print-ready forms, which can be filed through the individual’s local circuit court.

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