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Total Divorce Review of Divorce Service



The Major Intent does not attempt to be a filing and compiling service as many have thought. It instead seeks to connect parties wanting to file for divorce with reputable local attorneys.

While it can greatly reduce the headaches of attorney search, it is not a solution for the do-it-yourself divorce candidate, nor does it pretend to be.

What it does, it does extremely well, but it’s quite limited in its offerings and should only be utilized by individuals, who either foresee conflict in their divorce or are simply not comfortable doing things themselves.

Possible Drawbacks

The website is rather barebones when it comes to customer support as it mostly functions as a referral service. If you’re looking for an easier, cheaper, and more convenient way out of marriage, then you could become frustrated using these resources.

You’ll have to prepare to do a lot of reading, and you may grow tired from the influx of attorney calls once your information has been provided and you have settled on the one you plan to use.

In Summary is a great solution for people headed toward an attorney-led divorce. It allows you to register your information so the attorneys that contact you will know what to expect. Making them compete for you is never a bad thing if you plan to use a divorce lawyer; just remember that even the best deals going this route are probably going to cost you in the thousands, so it isn’t the most affordable solution for low-conflict divorce cases.


Among the top names that you will see in the world of online divorce forms websites, TotalDivorce stands out for its up-to-date forms in each jurisdiction as well as its ability to connect you with top attorneys in your area.

There are also a number of tools that you might find convenient, such as the child support calculator for calculating future payments and the alimony calculator. There are also parenting plans for spouses hoping to co-parent effectively and guide their children through the stormy waters of a divorce.

It’s free to register and qualify, but unlike some of the more Cadillac services that you’ll find at our website, it does not offer forms completion or editing capabilities.

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