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Wedding Rings After Divorce: What Should You Do?

Many of the visitors at our online divorce review site are dealing with a new crop of issues they’re not prepared to handle when first starting out their post-divorce journey. There are so many questions, and seemingly so few answers. One of the first big ones: what do I do with this wedding ring?

This was a tough one when I first found myself divorced after four years of marriage. It wasn’t a decision that I wanted at the time, though it turned out pretty great. Still, looking down at the wedding ring on my finger, I felt nothing but loss and failure and heartache. I didn’t want to get rid of it because it meant that I was admitting it was over. I didn’t want to keep it because it reminded me of the anger and hurt and betrayal.

Ultimately, I decided I HAD to get rid of it, and it really didn’t matter what I got for it or where it ended up. My solution: pawn shop, $75.

Was it worth more than that? Yes. But it didn’t matter because I was getting something much more valuable by getting it out of my life: freedom.

The freedom to admit it was over. The freedom to move on with my life. The freedom to embrace my mistakes and make new goals. Dream new dreams.

Now clearly my solution is not the only one. It was right for me but might not be right for everyone. You may have a legitimate use for it after the marriage is over — like giving it to your child, for instance. Or just keeping it as a reminder not to rush in to your next relationship. (You should probably get rid of it before he or she sees it, though.)

The key is to ask yourself one question: what will help me best move on and put the past behind me? Answer that, and you’ll know what to do.

If you have any questions about which sites are best for helping you find an attorney or complete the divorce on your own, make sure you read our online divorce reviews, and good luck!

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