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6 Most Cowardly Breakup Lines You’ll Hear In A Relationship

cowardly breakup linesAs a do-it-yourself divorce service, we often hear many personal stories about how relationships came to an end, specifically regarding breakup lines that men and women have fed to one another. Most of the time they’re being disingenuous, guarding the true nature of the decision to ditch one’s boyfriend/girlfriend or file for divorce. From the plethora of options, we’ve culled together our six least favorite, most cowardly breakup lines that you’re likely to hear in a relationship. They are:

6. “It’s not you; it’s me.” 

A Seinfeld classic, uttered by the weaselly George Costanza, this one sounds equally awful when coming from the mouth of a real person. What they really mean: “It is you. You annoy me, but I’m too afraid to say that to your face.”

5. “You deserve the best, and I can’t give you that.” 

This one has been used so much over the years, it’s hard to tell who coined the phrase. What the person saying this really means: “You expect too much, but I don’t like confrontation, and I’m afraid if I tell you that, you’ll convince me to stay.”

4. “You’re too good for me.” 

This indicates exhaustion and/or boredom with the relationship. The breaker-upper is really trying to say, “This would be so much easier on me if you would break up first; that way I won’t feel so guilty.”

3. “I am going through some things right now.” 

If you hear this, don’t buy it for a minute. What he’s trying to say is, “I like someone else, and to tell you the truth, I’m tired of you.”

2. “I love you, but I just can’t be with you.” 

This is cowardly because it continues to dangle the proverbial carrot in front of the broken-hearted. You think, “Well, if they still love me, then maybe there’s hope, if only I can change a few things.” There’s no hope. It’s over; they just don’t want to tell you they’ve been (or would like to be) seeing someone else.

1. “I hope we can still be friends.” 

Baloney! They don’t want to be friends. They just want a clean break without the guilt that comes with knowing they hurt you.

Whether you’re here because you’re just now going through a DIY divorce, or you found us on Google, what are some of the worst, most cowardly breakup lines that you’ve ever heard?

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