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Complete Overview of of the Nevada Divorce Laws

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Important Nevada Divorce Guidelines to File for a Divorce

Nevada Residency Requirements For Divorce

Nevada residency requirements state that either spouse must have been a legal resident for at least six months before submitting the divorce petition.

Grounds For Divorce In Nevada

The common grounds for a no fault Nevada divorce are:

  • incompatibility;
  • living separate and apart without cohabitation for one year.

The commonly stated grounds for a fault based Nevada divorce are:

  • insanity for at least two years before filing.
Nevada Child Custody

Child custody cases in Nevada are commonly determined with the best interests of the child in mind. The courts shall not take into account the gender of the parent when determining custody. Custody will be determined in accordance with the best interests of the child. Nevada courts will take the desires of the child into account if the child is mature enough to make such decisions. Joint custody is usually accepted by Nevada courts if the parents can come to an agreement, however joint custody does not necessarily mean that the child will spend equal amounts of time with both parents.

Nevada Child Support Guidelines

Nevada has uniform guidelines which the courts will adhere to in almost every case. To calculate the necessary child support the courts will take into account the gross income of each parent as well as certain common child related expenses. The support payments of a child by a parent are usually designed to run until they reach the age of 18, btu can be extended to the end of their secondary education.


The proceedings for a divorce in Nevada is usually brought to action within the county in which the defendant is currently living unless he/she now lives out of state. In that case the divorce proceeding will be brought a county within the state in which the plaintiff designates.


At any time during or before the divorce process the divorcing couple may bring their disputed areas to mediation. If they can reach an agreement on the areas in which there is conflict they may proceed with the divorce on an uncontested basis.