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8 People Weigh In On What Caused Their Last Breakup: Sound Familiar?

As an online divorce review site, we enjoy keeping up with the trends and the info surrounding divorce and relationships in general. One of the best places to go for such information are the relationship communities over at Reddit. A recent post found one user asking, “What caused your last breakup?” Here were some of our favorite responses.

1. “I started talking to a guy that I used to have a crush on. He was everything my ex wasn’t … He was adventurous, and funny, and the biggest thing was the fact that he was actually intelligent (Last guy was dumb as a brick). My feelings for him came back within a day. I broke up with my ex because I realized we had no long term potential, and I didn’t want to risk cheating. I wasn’t in love with him though, we had only been dating a few months.”

2. “Kept doubting I loved her until I believed it. Thought being single would be cool. She was perfect for me, so nearly a year later [I'm] single and still thinkin about it. Appreciate what you have!”

3. “He talked to two of his exes inappropriately at the beginning of our relationship and told me about neither. I snooped once and saw the one RIGHT after it happened and he promised it was the only instance. Found out he’d done it with another ex the month before that and was never going to tell me. It sucked and I left.”

4. “He lost his job in the financial crisis of ’07-’08. His dignity & self-respect followed. I supported both of us for a year and a half while he played video games all day before I called it quits.”

5. “I wasn’t ready to be in one. I thought being alone is the scariest thing ever. It’s isn’t. And I know I have a lot of love to give, but I didn’t put it to good use … I projected my own frustrations on my ex without realizing it was me who was neglecting my own needs. I don’t want ever to put the responsibility of being happy in someone else’s hands anymore.”

6. “She couldn’t deal with me being a woman, but I couldn’t be a man anymore. We had different life goals as well, but that was the main thing.”

7. “We were never really good friends, and we fell apart. There wasn’t much holding us together, so when things got hard, we separated ourselves from each other, and before we realized it, our relationship was just dead.”

8. “I didn’t feel important enough. It caused a huge amount of problems in our relationship. It felt like me and him, not ‘us.’ He would do his own thing and I would do mine. It was too hard on the soul.”

What caused your breakup (or what brought you to our online divorce reviews site)? Sound off in the comments section.

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