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Can Divorce Be a Private Affair?


For the rich and famous, being in the public eye, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week is normal. However, we mustn’t forget they are still people too. They go through the same trials and tribulations as anyone else that we may know. Their issues are just magnified because of the lens that they can never escape. So, is it fair that their lives are publicized for the world to see? What, under the law is to remain private? When divorce is thrown into this mix, its safe to say that nobody wants to air their dirty laundry to the world, famous or otherwise. So is it even a possibility for divorce filings to remain out of the public eye, for anyone?

Divorce Behind Closed Doors
Keeping divorce information private is something that in most cases, both spouses and lawyers would like to keep from being plastered on the front page of the local newspaper. The Good news is this is very much a possibility. Court records can be sealed and divorce documents can remain private. However, unless a juvenile case is the focal point of any filing, it is impossible to seal an entire judgment. This means that no matter what, reports will be filed and the majority of those are public record.

There are different laws in different states in terms of allowances of what and what cannot be filed in terms of a judgment pertaining to divorce. One way to keep judgments private is by going to “private judges.” To clarify, through arbitration and divorce mediation, orders are made by the arbitrators or mediators and these orders reference certain divorce related documents. It takes some effort if both parties want things private but as soon as one says no, it’s public.

Child Custody & Privacy
Regarding child custody and support issues, if both spouses cannot decide on an agreement and sign off on a legally binding contract saying as such, then they would need to go to a courtroom to have a judge decide the outcome of the issue. This would in turn, decrease the likelihood it would remain private. Typically, when there is a child involved, both parties usually want to keep things private, as this is in the best interest of the child.  When this is the motivating factor, it is more likely both parties will work together to achieve that.

Keeping divorce a private affair can be hard, but it also can be done. When small children, assets, property and anything of a personal nature are involved, many people want to keep the decisions being made to one another and handle it in house. Civil and private divorces are usually the most successful and  offer the most hassle free method of filing  for divorce.

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