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Children are Real Victims in Divorce Battle Royales

Often overlooked in an ugly, prolonged Court and Attorney driven divorce is the emotional costs inflicted on the children. The routine of having a mom and dad at home for emotional support becomes a domestic nightmare when the child’s support system not only becomes fractured-but the two anchors in a child’s life file for divorce and are soon to become bitter enemies. Engrossed in their own personal battles, some parents overlook the needs of their children spiritually, emotionally, and financially and never think about the practicality of a quick divorce. The decision to file for divorce practically conjures images of LA Law type courtroom scenes. From the time the initial divorce papers are filed the entire process can take from as little as a few months if lucky to as long as several years…if the divorce lawyer is lucky.

It’s the emotional instability of the parents in a crucial moment of time when a quick divorce driven on amicability and what’s best for all parties involved becomes a long, bitter drawn out court driven affair seemingly benefiting only the attorneys and myriads of other lawyers, paralegals, and court staff typically involved.

Making matter worse at the end of the ordeal is the child is sometimes given the choice of which parent he or she would like to stay with. It’s not too much different then the movie Sophie’s Choice where there is, and never will be a clear cut, easy solution to satisfy all. Sadly, the last 50 years this type of activity has become commonplace and normal. Some statistics show the current divorce rate in America is 41%.

Divorce is never an easy process, but provided the adults act like adults and can keep a rational amicability in an otherwise emotionally fraught situation; a no fault uncontested divorce can make a tough time palatable and even help to keep a close familial bond. Think about this for a moment, a child’s last memory of his parents being together comprised of court room accusations, heated words, and dwindling bank accounts and an overwhelming sense of uncertainty versus that of parents reaching a
mutually beneficial solution

all the while reinforcing that though change is inevitable, that mom and dad did the right thing to benefit the children and oftentimes garner an extra layer of respect for each other. Given both scenarios-the decision is simple.

There are several ways today to file for divorce in this rational manner that can prevent a messy, long termed divorce. Downloadable Online Divorce Forms and Online Divorce Kits can simplify and bring an ease to an other wise difficult situation. While the thought at first of Online Divorce may seem absurd; a few years ago online dating carried a certain stigma as well while today its commonplace and websites like are experience record hits and impressions on search engines. Its a safe bet to assume that with the passage of time and as the general public begins to acclimate to the relative ease of Do It YourSelf style services that uncontested divorce will soon be as commonplace as amazon or google.

It is with this philosophy that websites like MyDivorceDocuments.Com and EasyAgreements.Com will soon become the standard for legally binding documents that will take the nasty battle element from divorce, and put the harmony and goodwill of familial stability into a tangible alternative for our children.

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