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Divorce Trends; The Surprising and the not so much……


We stumbled across an interesting story with some very good divorce information the other day that explored some recent studies that revealed some surprising and maybe some not so surprising revelations regarding divorce.

There is an old saying that “love moves out when poverty moves in.” Thus the first item on the list may not be surprising at all as it found that a link between unemployment and an increased risk of divorce. The study done by Ohio State University suggested that unemployment by men increases risk of divorce while the employment status for women had relatively little effect. In this case we hope they at least have internet access to access our do it yourself online divorce kit. Interestingly enough the curve ball to this story is that unemployment not only increases the rate of divorce started by the wife, but also showed that the husband is also more likely to suggest divorce when unemployed.

While the comedic side would put this as “the redneck vs the city slicker,” the New York Times did an analysis of census data that showed that the divorce rate between the rural population is now roughly the same rate as that of urban population. We pat ourselves on the back for this development as online divorce kits make starting the divorce process far easier then ever.  Back in the early 80s there was a pronounced split with the rates of divorce in urban areas and contrasting rural areas. But over the past 30 years; this divide has all but disappeared. Yes flyover America- your chances of divorce are now are just as likely as those in the big city.

Hate the commute to work each weekday? Well you should for more reasons then other time lost and the soaring cost of gasoline;  A study by Umea University out of Sweden produced some divorce information that revealed long commute times linked to increased chance of divorce. As a matter of it showed that commutes longer than 45 minutes has a pronounced effect on the increased risk of divorce. Of 2 million Swedish households, the study showed that married couples who had a long commute experienced a 40 percent higher risk of divorce.

Do you root, root, root for the Home Team? A study done in Egypt concluded that sports fans may in some cases have increased rates of divorce.  The study examined divorce amongst soccer fans and came to the conclusion that those with a high interest in soccer had a pronounced relationship with a higher divorce risk. From the not so surprising part of the study with preface that our online divorce kit never got a yellow card; it found that those experiencing the highest propensity towards divorce was men who followed soccer daily partnered with a spouse who does not like soccer. While they attempted to make a correlation between soccer and the NFL; results were inconclusive as football is clearly more exciting then soccer.

And finally riding the coattails of the paragraph printed above is a survey that shows a link between video games and divorce. The survey by a well known divorce website found that an ever increasing number of women are reporting that video games as a main factor for their relationship status. The study claimed that the percentage of people attributing marital woes and filing for divorce due to video games usage rise from 5% to 15% over the past year. While some may claim the lack of attention to the spouse in favor of video games as a factor-we like to believe that recent video games are far more entertaining then in years past. But we are only speculating as we never play video games nor watch sports for that matter.

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