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Divorcing During The Holidays: What Every Couple Should Know

The holidays may not be the best time to announce that you are getting a divorce, but if the situation has become unsustainable, you may have to at least broach the subject with your children. As an online divorce review site, we’ve seen many couples wait until the first of the year to move forward, but this is only effective if you can make the holidays about your children and play nice with each other. Still, children are observant, and it may be for the best to come out with it. Divorce is never convenient for children, and if you have to make divorce a part of their holidays, then try to follow these steps.

1. Make your kids comfortable. 

If you can tough it out until after the holidays, do so. Either way, try to place your children in a position where they are comfortable. Whether that means spending the day in a large group of family and friends or in the privacy of home, do it. Just don’t let your issues with each other manifest themselves, directly or indirectly, in front of the kids.

2. Be civil. 

Your spouse may not be your favorite person any more, but that shouldn’t stop you from behaving like adults. You wouldn’t get into a shouting and screaming match with your worst enemy in a public place, so why air dirty laundry or try to degrade each other in front of the kids? No good can come of it. You may feel like a phony for a bit, but that’s much better than scarring your little ones for life with an ill-timed altercation.

3. Consider settling the divorce yourself.

While attorneys are sometimes necessary to the end of a marriage, the best outcome is to handle things peacefully on your own. That’s why we have a lot of online divorce reviews that cover forms sites. If there isn’t a lot of controversy and conflict between the two of you, then a DIY site can make the filing process simple and effective. The really good ones even allow you to develop a parenting plan for after the divorce.

As you enter the holiday season, keep these things in mind and don’t let divorce dampen the celebration for your children.

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