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DIY Divorce: Five Tips To Follow For Navigating A Marriage Breakup Without An Attorney

Do it Yourself divorce and how to navigate the processA do it yourself divorce can seem intimidating when you’re dealing with the breakup of a marriage and all the turmoil that goes along with it. However, it can also make your life much simpler and place you in a better position to move on once the papers have been filed. But should you choose to go this route, make sure you follow these five tips to navigate it successfully and keep the high-priced family law attorneys away.

1. Talk With Your County Clerk.

The first place to start with any DIY divorce proceeding is with your county clerk. While this person is not a legal professional, and thus cannot dispense advice for you and your soon-to-be ex, they can give you an overview of filing fees, necessary court documents, and a variety of other resources. If you’re too shy to go down to your county courthouse and would rather deal with everything via phone or online, here’s a great place to start.

2. Use A DIY Divorce Web-Based Service.

Another way to take the hassle out of your decision to file for divorce is to use a web-based service like Just answer a simple set of questions, and allow the service to produce the necessary forms that you may then submit to your county clerk.

3. Find A Mediator For Any Outstanding Issues.

A DIY divorce definitely isn’t for parties, who wish to contest their divorce, but that doesn’t mean that if you have two or three outstanding issues, you should refrain from considering it. By choosing a professional divorce mediator, you can work through issues that might otherwise end up in court.

4. Handle Emotions And Distrust Like A Professional.

In instances of infidelity, it can be especially hard to trust your spouse enough to handle the divorce outside of the courtroom. When you’re divorcing someone, who has betrayed you or made you angry, it can be risky business pursuing the do it yourself divorce route. But don’t think you have to give up on the option just because he/she is a rascal. Instead, handle all your communications like a professional. Record conversations. Let them know you’re recording conversations. And be very clear that you are doing so because you want as little conflict as possible throughout the process, and that as long as you’re dealing with one another fairly, it will be best for both sets of interests.

5. Follow Up To Make Certain Quit-Claim Deeds And Other Documents Have Been Executed Properly.

Finally, when it comes to a DIY divorce, there will be some things for which you’ll need to rely on your soon-to-be ex. One that immediately comes to mind is home ownership. If one of you is keeping the house and the other is leaving, then to absolve the departing party from any interest in the home, you’ll need to sign a quit-claim deed. Until both signatures are on the document, and it has been finalized, you may still be liable for the home, and that can be a problem should a payment get missed or the home go into foreclosure.

A do it yourself divorce can relieve much of the headaches associated with the end of a marriage. But even so, make sure you follow these five tips for helping it to go as smoothly as possible.

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