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Don’t pay a lawyer, to the rescue!

The issues and the hostility drive the major costs in the divorce process between the husband and wife and Divorce Law often comes into play.  Most attorneys will give you an estimate, however the cost can run past estimates because of the contentious nature of the divorce process.  Lawyers charge by the hour and trust us they have it in their mission statement to make the divorce process take as much time as humanly possible and use every trick in the book to stretch the process to almost absurd proportions. MyDivorceDocuments has always felt that the best way to move forward in the divorce process is to simply have both parties treat each other which mutual respect and honesty….which one does not seldom here in conjunction the term “divorce lawyer.” can assist you in keeping those pesky and ever rising costs of a slow, elongated divorce process into a time line that both parties can agree to and benefit from when it comes to an online uncontested divorce. We realize that you are not married to a Kardashian nor do you have the time and money to treat your divorce with all of the aplomb of Demi and Ashton on the latest episode of TMZ. Divorce is not glamorous, but it also does not need to be an anger filled battle royale winner take all, slash and burn affair. Do not let society set the terms and conditions for you and soon to be ex spouses relationship. Divorce is an agreement between two adults…by definition treat each other with respect.

Major issues usually concern child custody, child support, alimony, property, possessions, savings, current debt and pensions or retirements benefits. A do-it-yourself divorce will curtail the hour’s attorney’s build up charging you money you don’t have. Why pay the big bucks when you can save money and follow the divorce process at With the advent of online dating sites like, eHarmony, and OkCupid more and more people are finding and getting married via online presence so do not be put off by the idea of ending the relationship in similar fashion. With that in mind one also should be reasonable, sitting down with your spouse to discuss the issue will be a far better idea then breaking the news via text message. Trust us on this one.

The divorce process requires divorce forms and ideally some type of guide or step-by-step instructions to serve as a step by step tool to know how the process will unfold. Downloadable divorce forms from are available for each of the 50 states. It doesn’t matter if you live in Crab Apple Cove Maine, Portland Oregon, or Austin Texas; if you live in the United States rest assured that My Divorce Forms will walk you through each and every step needed towards the successful completion of an uncontested online divorce. The money you save will be well worth your time that you invested. Do not pay a lawyer to do some thing you can without question do for yourself. It is with the philosophy that was born. We continue to be the online leading provider for online divorce forms.

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