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MyDivorceDocuments Online Divorce Forms; Communication is key to amicable divorce

If it is one singular thing we hope you take away from visiting and reading our blog is that the worse possible thing a divorcing couple can do is fight like cats and dogs and get vindictive during the divorce process. If there are children involved the same rules applies and then some multiplied 500 times. With that in mind we want to do once again offer up some tips to make divorce as amicable as possible and in case you missed the thinly veiled advice above we will repeat one more time; getting divorced and going to war over it is akin to driving home about a night of drinking or jumping into rough waters without knowing how to swim; in other words-Its a Bad Idea!

In the event there are children involved parents should do their best to talk about divorce or separation as soon as both parents make the decision to move forward. Do not wait until the last minute. Kids can pick up the vibes and certainly do not want to think mom and dad are lying to them. Ideally have both parents in the same room to assure the children of what will happen moving forward and that aCalifornia divorce or separation was absolutely no fault of the children. There are plenty of articles and blogs about breaking the news to your children so if you get cold feet there are a plethora of articles to help you on your way.

And we can not stress this enough in that once the decision to divorce has been made drop your ego and lose the bitterness you may have against you ex for the benefit of your children. While you may be the person to retain child custody they will still be spending time with your ex and your ex is still a parent. Another case here where amicable divorce will save time, heartbreak, money, and ultimately a lot of mental trauma as your children watch mom and dad tear each other to shreds in the court of law.

You may want to consider joint custody as a way to give each parent equal time with the child or children. Once again having both parent act like adults and not getting into heated arguments is going to be crucial for your child’s development as the situation becomes normalized. Remember as the parent it is not about you…its about your child.

One of the worst ideas in divorce is leaving the decisions of custody up to the child. Maybe Dad spoiled junior while mom was left with the dirty work. Junior assumes Dad is a great guy and just bought an Playstation3 so therefore he is the best parent for the child. Little does junior know dad bought gifts out of guilt for being an absentee parent in the office, the golf course, and the bar. Of course these are extreme examples for sure but at the end of the day both parents should make an educated decision on behalf of the children and stick to their guns moving forward when getting an amicable Texas divorce .

If the situation isn’t working and both parents are still on amicable terms you can always make adjustments to the schedule for an option that is better conducive to both the parents and the children. Key here is to communicate and be flexible.

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