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Relationship Toxicity: Signs You Should Cut Your Losses

For the vast majority of relationships that fail, the end never happens all of the sudden. The signs are usually there in the relationship toxicity. They poison every aspect of one’s happiness until eventually there is a breaking point. That breaking point can seem like a surprise because of a thing called denial, but if you’re attune to the warning signs then you’ll see where the relationship is headed long before it reaches the end.

Today we’ll look at just a few of these signs. See if any apply to your marriage. 

One: Nothing you do is good enough. 

Any time that you take initiative, is your spouse more likely to complain than anything else? Do they make you feel down on yourself or are they always hyper-critical, seeing the negative before the positive in anything that has to do with you? If so, then your relationship is toxic.  

Two: They’re self-centered. 

They come home from work. They talk about their day. They go off on that jerk of a boss or the co-worker, who never does anything as good as they do it. They never once stop to ask you about your day. There isn’t awareness that you even had a day. You’re simply there to hear them talk.  

Three: There is never peace. 

Is your spouse always at odds with someone? Is it usually the other person’s fault (to hear them tell it)? Do they have criticisms about you, your family, your friends, etc., and only too happy to share? If your spouse is the kind of person that drama seems to surround, then that can only spill over into your relationship and turn it toxic. 

Four: You don’t feel like you can open up to them. 

Whether it’s something you prefer in the bedroom or an interest/hobby you have that you want to explore, you don’t feel like you can ever tell them about it because there will be criticism or resistance to the idea. Also, if you want to pursue a new interest or crush a bad habit they enable, you can’t get encouragement to pursue the growth and change you desire. All these feelings point to the fact that your relationship is toxic. 

In Summary

There are remedies to toxic relationships that don’t involve divorce, but it’s so hard to manage them because it takes the commitment of both people, and toxic people don’t often realize they’re toxic. While it’s admirable to save your marriage, you can’t do it alone in these situations, and you shouldn’t have to.

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