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Should You Ever Go Back To An Ex?

You may have heard the old saying that “exes are exes for a reason.” What this implies is that if you’re even considering getting back together with an ex, don’t do it. We’ve seen enough relationship redo’s between two people to know that it’s pretty common, even for those who’ve gone as far as getting divorced. Still, is it fair to make a blanket condemnation?

Most of the time, yes. 

It’s rather difficult to put together a working relationship when you have all kinds of relationship baggage and trust issues tied up into previous failed attempts. Still, if you’re willing to try, you may want to keep this Reddit response in mind.

“Are ALL the issues that caused you to break up ACTUALLY and FULLY resolved?

“If the answer is anything but a resounding yes, don’t get back together. If it’s a somewhat yes, stay separate, do what must be done to fix the issues/ put measures in place to fix them, and then if that works… then ask the question again.

“Note that my test doesn’t factor in feelings, love, things like that. People being abused in their relationships love their abusers in a lot of cases… and it’s awful. The point is: you can feel all the feels you want to feel, it doesn’t affect whether the relationship with the person you feel for will work.”

The key is in resolving issues, and most of the time, couples who pull this move with their relationship haven’t tried to answer the questions that need answering or to resolve the issues that need resolving.

Rose-colored glasses are a problem when it comes to a relationship where there is a history of failure, and if you don’t want to break up or, worse, find yourself in another divorce case with the same person, then you have to take a frank and honest look about the ways that you’ve both failed each other in previous efforts.

Do you think it’s possible to get back together with an ex and have a successful relationship? Sound off in our comments section.

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