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ShredYourEx Is A Better Way To Deal With Breakups

Valentine’s Day can be pretty rough stuff especially if you’re like one of the many who come to our online divorce review site for direction on how to file. If it’s your first V.D. without a husband, wife, or significant other, it can be especially revolting. Luckily, there is a new service that can help you deal with the heartache in a way that is more therapeutic than most.

ShredYourEx is a website that actually allows you to watch a photo of your ex torn into ribbons. Here’s how it works. Simply go to the ShredYourEx Instagram or Twitter, send @ShredYourEx a photo of your ex tagged with #ShredYourEx, and then head over to to watch the pic be shredded live through a commercial grade printer over a fireplace.

Huffington Post notes that it was started by the ad agency McKinney. Agency staffer Renee Montpetit told the website that her team “created the site to squeeze some fun out of a day that can be less than thrilling for singles.” 

“Plus, deleting a picture doesn’t give you the same satisfaction as physically destroying it,” she said. “This gives singles that cathartic release in a fun way.”

While it’s a lighthearted concept, it definitely raises some points that are important for the healing process:

1. It’s more difficult to get over someone if you constantly see reminders of the way you were but no longer are.

2. Destroying such mementos is a way of taking back the destruction you may have felt during the breakup. It really is cathartic, in other words.

3. It may not be as satisfying, but while you’re at it, go ahead and delete those old photos, too. You don’t want your old life hanging around preventing you from starting a new one, do you?

Even if you don’t give ShredYourEx a tryout, consider destroying some pictures on your own. You’ll be surprised at what it can do for the soul.

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