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What It Takes To Make DIY Divorce Work

skd284550sdcA recent article on Huffington Post caught our eye because it highlighted the dangers of a do it yourself divorce if you decide to use less than reputable sources in filing divorce papers.

The specific case cited in the HuffPo article had to do with a woman, who was selling divorce help on Craigslist as a cheap alternative.

The number went to someone’s home phone, and the woman declined to speak with HuffPo because she said she “didn’t want to get in trouble.”

Wise move. 

There are certainly laws in place that prevent non-legal experts from dispensing legal advice, and if the woman had no legal qualifications, then she would have certainly been in trouble for taking out the ad that she did, and offering the service.

Clearly, the circumstances behind this case were shady from the beginning, and it’s important that anyone interested in a DIY divorce knows what to look for and what to avoid if deciding to go completely “pro se,” or without an attorney, when they file for divorce.

Reputable vs. Non-Reputable

Services like offer you the appropriate paperwork for your state of residence. They can walk you through the basic process WITHOUT dispensing legal advice. All forms are current and up-to-date, and there is nothing to stop you from printing them off and taking them to an attorney for consultation if you are uncertain. The site simply makes it easier for you and your spouse to navigate the legal waters surrounding a divorce.

Craigslist do it yourself services aren’t vetted. They are simply people flying “under the radar” trying to profit off of your own uncertainty.

When DIY Is Right For You

DIY divorce cases work best when they are uncontested and there is some solidarity between the spouses.

If one party “lawyers up,” then it may be in your best interests to hire an attorney as well (unless, of course, you ARE an attorney).

Remember that your judge cannot tell you what you should do, so if you decide to go “pro se” in a contested divorce proceeding, you could be burdening yourself with a major disadvantage.

Ideally, you and your spouse can walk through the DIY process together, conflict-free, or at least work out whatever differences you may have in mediation. Either method makes DIY the cheapest and most stress-free route to go for ending your marriage.

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