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Why Separation Can Be A Terrible Idea

Why separation can be a terrible ideaAs a do-it-yourself divorce service, we often see individuals consider separation prior to filing because they feel that with time apart, dissolution may be avoidable. However, more often than not, the marriage ends anyway and the separation causes additional turmoil that can add years to the recovery process. While nothing is foolproof, here are some reasons why you may wish not to go down this path.

All Financial Bets Are Off

It’s not exactly a given that you’ll be able to catch your spouse hiding assets when they live under the same roof, but you have a much better chance of finding out about it than if they’re living in a separate location. Women especially should be on their guard if they choose to legally separate because it is during this time that many assets “disappear” in favor of the husband.

Changes In Circumstance Can Mean A Raw Deal For You

If you should decide to legally separate and something happens to your spouse — he loses his job, he undergoes a major medical event, etc. — then you could end up on the short end of a settlement. As long as your marriage is still in place, many states bind you to the circumstances and the decisions of your spouse. Under this setup, each day that you don’t file for divorce is a major risk.

Your Spouse May Make Any Divorce Action More Complex Than It Should Be

A divorce proceeding — even a properly filed DIY divorce — can hold you both in place and expedite the outcome of the litigation. When you choose to separate, you delay this action and give your spouse the freedom to move out-of-state or even to another country. When that happens, it can stall the divorce process for months, if not years.

Separation Can Impede Your Ability To Move On With Life

Perhaps the best reason to think twice about separation — especially for an extended period of time — is that it can create obstacles between you and a happy life. It’s difficult to find new relationships or make major life decisions that could improve your life for the better when you’re still tied to a relationship that isn’t getting any better.

In Summary

If the thought of separation should come to mind, first consider getting professional help. It’s easier to salvage something when you can confront it directly. Separation more or less delays that confrontation, and it can put both of you at greater risk.

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