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Making Divorce Amicable-A Field Guide

The Huffington Post recently published an article that asks the question of Can the words “good” and divorce” be used in the same sentence?

Without questions divorce is arguably the most singularly stressful event in a person’s life. Questions of financial security, how assets will be divided, where the kids will live and visitation issues are all huge questions for a couples involved in the divorce process. But while the emotional drain and shock wont be easy can help make divorce as painless as can be and provide valuable divorce information.

While most people consider the more obvious and big-picture questions; handling the divorce process themselves through amicable means and settling small items first can lead the way towards a divorce ending with most parties often times becoming friendlier and more attached in a paradox that happens time and time again in a no fault uncontested divorce.
In the article, the author posted some other tips of how to have a “good” divorce:

Is the marriage really over? Is Divorce really the last resort? Counseling and other communication aides should be tried before making the decision; furthermore even Divorce Counseling during the divorce process can be beneficial and prepare both parties for what happens next.

At one point, there was some amount of love in the relationship. Try to focus on good times and you ex to be’s positive qualities. Divorce doesn’t automatically dehumanize your spouse. Can you put the interests of the kids ahead of yours?  Do not use your children as pawns in the divorce game. As we spoke in last week’s blog-your children are still going to spend time with your ex. Uncontested Do It Yourself Divorce can take the war out of the process.

Once divorce is realized as the best option; keep the lines of communication open. Don’t let angry feelings fester and cloud your thoughts. A Free exchange of ideas is all part of give and take. Valuable divorce information if ever there were some.

At all costs avoid court! Cooperative and collaborative uncontested divorce allows each side to come to an agreement without a judge’s intervention. The more court action, the less control the spouses have and it’s more expensive. DIY Uncontested Divorce can cut this nightmare of the equation.

Act your age! There will be times you will want to take the ball and go home. Try and stay in control and keep the emotions in check. Be constructive-not destructive in discussions and actions. DIY Uncontested Divorce can cut this nightmare of the equation.

Can you think of the big picture acting in the best interest of all and setting your own goals aside? In this day and age it sounds ludicrous be leading by example will aide the divorce process. Can you create a game plan? Set realistic goals about your children and your financial issues.

Can you be honest and avoid mind games? Many spouses try playing games in order to hurt the other. Avoid it.
This is all good advice and finding online divorce forms is increasingly gaining popularity no matter what state you live in. Communicate, set goals, be true to your self and true to your spouse-it can be done.

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