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Common Sense Tips to Make Divorce Amicable

It’s no secret that the divorce process is typically a painful process for all parties involved-throw in experienced attorneys who often times financially benefit the longer the proceedings drag out and the litany of items to argue about such as child custody, alimony, and child support payments and you’ve got a recipe for emotional and financial disaster.

Even the court room setting itself makes for an uncomfortable setting and if asked in your minds eye to picture a typical court room the first thought one envisions is rarely something positive much less familial. As a matter of fact-given the number of times the court room is used to do legal battle and the myriad of terms that hints some type of war the setting itself lends itself to brutality and an overall lack of civility. Online Divorce has probably been so appealing.

Sometimes there is no way around the courtroom option but given the high profile, celebrity divorces routinely given the TMZ and National Enquirer treatment, more and more couples are looking to make the split amicably and on friendly terms. Thus websites like are experiencing record popularity.

The Huffington Post of all places, published some advice for divorcing couple who can objectively realize the many negatives involved in a traditional divorce settle and choose to take the kindler, gentler approach to divorce which makes perfect sense given the resurgence of Do it Yourself Divorce.

The first offering not only makes sense is probably the danger zone item at which all divorce proceedings fall apart and ugliness ensues. In Essence it says do not argue the largest, most contentious items first- instead opting and choosing to work on settling smaller more agreeable items; thus laying the groundwork for give and take and generally setting a congenial tone for future discussion points. Divorce information and sage wisdom finally meet.

The next common problem is not surprising when the issue of financial arrangements rears its ugly head. Once again as this item is typically a point where things get heated; its best left for later discussion and if the issue is forced-try to keep the numbers in a range instead of absolutes. Remember-each parent will still be the parents-so taking dad to the cleaners may not be the best idea given that the kids will be spending at least a portion of their time with him. “Sorry Kids, Would love to take you Miniature Golfing but I can’t afford it this weekend….what flavor Cup of Noodles do you want for Dinner tonight?” Remember-the treasure reaped from the divorce process still has balance and that balance will still have an effect on the children….your children.

Finally the article talks about never issuing an Ultimatum. “My Way or the Highway” is rarely an idealism that has been embraced by all. Generally the ultimatum only brings contempt and make the opposing party more inclined to dig the heals and not budge at all. The old saying of drawing more flies with honey then vinegar is very apropos and this Divorce Information is well timed and informative.

There are so many good reasons to avoid the courtroom, and the attorneys office when it comes to divorce. certainly wont make a riveting Television Show or movie, but it can bring an aura of stability and com co-operation in one of life most challenging and difficult periods.

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