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And The Biggest Relationship Lies Ever Told Are…

Relationships cannot work without the element of trust. We’ve been doing this online divorce review site long enough to know that when trust breaks down, the relationship (or marriage) is soon to follow. Recently on the Reddit AskWomen board, a user posed the question of what the biggest relationship lies were that other users had experienced. Here are some of the best responses.

1. “He told me he was single. Turns out he was actually married with three children. Found that out after doing a little bit of internet sleuthing.”

2. “My husband couldn’t drive when we met and he started taking driving lessons and wanted to surprise me when he got his license. … He lasted 1 lesson because he’s a terrible liar and I asked why he was home late.”

3. “An ex lied about why he had to go to court in another state. He told me it was for not returning a computer to the university he was going to because he broke it (or something like that). I found out when court papers came to my house with his name on it. When I read the papers, after he left them on the table, it was for child endangerment. I felt betrayed for the lie and because I was letting him stay at home with my kids. Needless to say, we weren’t together very long after that.”

4. “He said he was Jewish by blood, even made a huge stink about eating Thanksgiving dinner on separate plates to ‘keep it Kosher.’ Met his family for Christmas, that was the first time they’d heard he was a Jew, and that they certainly were not. He claimed to be a DJ. He got away with this one for a while because I was 16 when we started dating and 18+ or 21+ shows made sense. He claimed to be a singer in a band. This was a huge lie, he even had me get a t-shirt screen printed for his mom. I caught on to that one when I listened to some of ‘his’ music and realized they were other bands – like bands I had actually seen live. Not covers but the exact copy from their CDs. After I broke up with him, which was way too f***ing long, his parents both died a handful of times.”

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