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Being Single: What Is Better About It?

Our online divorce review site is often interested in getting different perspectives on post-divorce plans and whether you are looking forward to being in another committed relationship or staying single. When a reddit member recently asked the community what the best things about being single were, our interests immediately perked up. Here were some of the best responses.

1. “Sleeping in bed diagonally.

2. “I’m 2 months out of a 2.5 year relationship. The sadness is fading and I’m beginning to feel a sense of relief. At 28 years old, I’m relieved that I only have to think about myself for everything like where am I going to eat, to making major financial decisions and paying off student loans. I hope that doesnt come off as selfish, it really has been quite liberating.”

3. “It’s far better to have feelings of loneliness when you’re single, than to have those same emotions while you’re in a relationship.”

4. “Not being let down. … It is such a painful experience to be constantly let down by someone you love. I know this doesn’t apply to happy, functional relationships, but regardless. At least when I am single, I don’t suffer that same disappointment that the person I care about wasn’t willing to be considerate of me, or would let me down if it meant they had to work hard. Caring about someone, and then having them let you down over and again, and realizing they don’t care about you as much as you do them; its painful in a very specific way that is hard to explain.”

5. “The best and worst thing is summed up in one sentence. ‘I don’t have to explain why I bought that sword.’”

6. “Shameless flirting with intent.”

7. “Not having to live with the consequences of somebody else’s decisions.”

8. “I get to eat ALL the slices of pizza.”

9. “Sex is less frequent, but it’s an accomplishment rather than just a pastime.”

10. “When I was single and all my friends were getting married, I started running regularly, started painting again and the best thing, I started my path to a career change. Then, while I was busy doing all that, I met him.”

What do you appreciate the most about being single or what are you looking forward to about it? Sound off in the comments section.

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