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Letter From Child Of Divorce: What You Must Know Before The Next Argument

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 11.48.58 AMAs an online divorce review site, we are interested in every aspect of what you’re going through and want to help you weather the storms. What we’ve noticed for many of you is that you are going through a breakup and trying to become effective co-parents. Unfortunately, you can’t control how the other party will respond, but you can control how you handle it.

You’ve probably heard studies about the downfalls of divorce on your kids, and you don’t want to put them through a rough breakup, but your spouse seems so intent on getting under your skin that it’s hard to bite your tongue. Enter The Child of Divorce website. The informational resource recently launched a viral video that has been seen more than 1.1 million times now, and it’s worth a look just in case you feel yourself about to snap at your ex.

“Dear Mom and Dad,” it begins. “I know you are hurting. I’m hurting, too. I feel and feed off your tension, fear and shock. Although I am young and can’t express verbally what is happening in our lives, I’m still feeling the impact. My heart is broken every time I have to give up a parent. My sense of security is lost. Please don’t assume that I’m resilient. Don’t assume that my life will be exactly as it was, and that I will continue to feel the same love from both of you. I’m a human being just like you. My needs are just like yours. I need love, attention, nurturing, stability, consistency, affection, understanding, patience, and, mostly, to be wanted. When you fight over me or put me in the middle of your argument, you’re sending me the message that winning with each other is more important than my life. I am learning from you that it is better to be right than to be loved.”

We highly recommend checking out the full video at this link. In it, you’ll get great insight not on what WILL go wrong with your kids during a divorce, but what COULD go wrong if you’re not aware of what they’re going through. Watch. Take it to heart. And even if you’ve got an unhelpful spouse, be the best that you can be so your kids will have the example they need. Good luck!

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