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On Dating A Single Mom: Guys Weigh In On How They Feel About Doing It

Being a single mom, who has just gone through a divorce, can be a scary time. You might feel it difficult to get back on the dating scene. But as far as guys go, it’s not as big of an issue as you probably think it is. Our online divorce review site found the following responses from men across the reddit community. Here’s what they had to say.

1. “I wouldn’t get in a relationship with a single mom unless I saw a genuine long term possibility, it’s too difficult on the child when men pop in and out of their lives. If I liked her enough that I could see myself sticking around past the honeymoon phase, why the h*** not?”

2. “My current girlfriend is a single mom (Well, was, I suppose) and I felt like I was under a lot more pressure to not only make sure she enjoyed my company, but I also had to be a fatherly figure towards her son (6yr old). She wouldn’t accept anything less than exactly what she knew she wanted. She has been through the whole marriage and kid ordeal before, and it didn’t work. As most people know, you learn by failure, and she knows herself much better and knows what she actually wants and needs more accurately.”

3. “I’m 35. At 24 and 29, I would have said (a qualified) no. Now I say yes. But now I have nephews and nieces who have shown me how awesome (and awesomely challenging) kids can be, so that’s no longer as unknown and frightening as it once was. … And I’m older and I’ve really had my fill of immature ladies. I could be wrong but I tend to assume that a woman with kids (and in my age range) would be more likely to know what she wants and less likely to create drama for the sake of it. (I’m sure there are many exceptions to that general assumption…)”

4. “I can only use the data set I’ve observed here in rural Kentucky, so consider me biased. If the woman only had a single child and was independent, then maybe. If she was somebody I was into. If she has multiple children by multiple men, then, no.”

5. “Yes. I love children. I don’t know how common this is among men, but when I was dating, one of the things I wondered about was whether a woman could be a competent mother and also remain sane. So many people seem normal until children get involved and then they turn out to be … insane. Dating a single mom would at least give me the chance to see the whole person early in the game.”

Are you a single parent with primary custody? What are you most nervous about upon reentering the dating scene?

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