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Detox After Divorce

detoxDivorce marks a horrible time in a person’s life. The divorcee is probably feeling unwanted, brokenhearted, lost, and contagiously depressed. Wherever you go, whoever you see makes you think of your divorce. It comes up in conversations with your best friend, your family members, and sometimes unsuspecting grocery store employees.

No doubt about it, once divorce worms its way into your life it’s almost impossible to get rid of it. Divorce is like a contagious, cancerous disease. But did you know there are ways to detoxify your life?

Detox Your Demons…

Nestled in West Hollywood, California is the Divorce Detox center. The Divorce Detox center was opened by Allison Pescosolido and Andra Brosh to help people “learn valuable skills to restart [their] life.”

In December 2012, a New York Times columnist took part of one of the Divorce Detox programs and wrote an in-depth article about the experience. The journalist went through individual sessions with life coach Allison Pescosolido, who walked him through healing activities like finding new hobbies, purging your life of unnecessary things, setting personal goals, and self reflection (lots of self reflection).

Divorce Detox offers a spectrum of services and programs. They offer an internet “Divorce Detox Survival Kit” that comes at only $19.00, but for the full treatment you’ll have to dish out $3,500.00 for their “Individual Intensive.”

… Yourself for Less

We don’t know about you, but we don’t have $3,500.00 lying around. So here are some tips to help gain the same peace of mind and vigor one would feel after Divorce Detox sessions.

Tip #1: Focus on the things in life you are grateful for. If you count your blessings you are focusing on things that make you feel good in life, things you look forward to. This is part of learning to enjoy life on your own and allow yourself to thrive.

Tip #2: Don’t shy away from the truth. Focus on positive things, but accept the negatives in your life, in your personality, and in your relationship pattern. Accept them, but then work on fixing the negatives. It’s easy to blame the ex for everything, but don’t forget you voluntarily stayed with that person.

Tip #3: “I am a human.” Repeat this phrase at least once a day, and more if necessary. By admitting to yourself you are human means you accept you will make mistakes, but constantly change and evolve as you live. Humans, like all living things, are perpetually going through cycles of change, growth, and renewal. Embrace it and remind yourself you are always changing; you are not the person you were a year ago, a month ago, or even a day ago.

There you have it, basic divorce detoxification on the cheap. Now go forth and thrive, you joyful, honest human!

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