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Half Of All Marriages End In Divorce? Maybe Not.

76808343You’ve heard the statistic many times before: at least half of all marriages end in one partner deciding to file for divorce. But how often do you stop to consider the validity?

What many individuals who trot out this statistic fail to realize is that the numbers are not reflective of past years. Most statisticians simply take the number of marriages that were initiated for the current year and then compare those to how many ended for the same period of time. This logic fails to take in to consideration the quantity of marriages — both successful and unsuccessful — in years past. While it’s not a statement that the divorce rate is lower than expected, it does shed light on the limitations of such “findings.”

Present Statistics See A Divorce Rate Decline

Most of the doom-and-gloom when it comes to divorce statistics originates from the peak level in 1981. However, a recent study reported by NBC News revealed that the percentage of people who file is way down from that level and has returned to the low from 1970.

Our own findings among do-it-yourself divorce clients have mirrored this trajectory with more couples deciding on cohabitation or deciding to remain single.

As for couples who commit to marriage and a two-income setup, odds of success have actually improved.

“Families with two earners with good jobs have seen an improvement in their standard of living, which leads to less tension at home and lower probability of divorce,” confirmed Andrew Cherlin, a professor of public policy at Johns Hopkins University.

Finding Hope Amid The Statistics

Cherlin’s comment and the improved statistics may not be enough to ward off your premarital jitters, but they should reframe the discussion for how we think about divorce in the US. Rather than assuming a significant chance of failure, couples need to start waking up to the fact that they can control their own destiny.

Waiting longer to marry, attaining an education before settling down, and getting established in your career, can help ease apprehension and set you on the path toward success.

That being said, if your marriage is running out of options and divorce is imminent, consider a DIY divorce. They’re faster, cheaper, and less burdensome, and we can get you started today. Best of luck whatever you decide!

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