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iDivorce Forms Review: For A More Practical Divorce reviewFor a do-it-yourself divorce to be a good idea, it requires the couple to settle three things: 1) that both spouses are committed to working out their differences without the aid of an attorney; 2) that an amicable enough relationship exists so that’s even possible; and 3) that a decision on how you’re going to do it be reached together.

While both could hunt down the forms and fill them out on their own, this means starting from a point of obscurity. Luckily, sites like iDivorce Forms exist enabling anyone to walk through the entire process from beginning to end in under an hour, and today that site in particular will be the subject of our online divorce review

How It Operates

For the novice, iDivorce Forms is one of the best ways to go. Using a guided question-and-answer process, the software matches the filers with the appropriate regional form and then takes them through the process step-by-step, automatically filling in the blanks with each user response. 

Other than answering questions, the only thing the client has to do is print off the completed forms at the end and take it to the appropriate court personnel for filing.

While additional court fees will likely apply, iDivorce Forms helps the user keep costs low by offering a $149 one-time payment option. For a little extra, a user can break up the cost in 60- and 90-day installment plans. 

Possible Drawbacks

Just to give the most complete iDivorce Forms review possible, it’s necessary to discuss possible drawbacks — the biggest being the fact that it’s difficult to get a spouse’s agreement to go the do-it-yourself divorce route. That’s because 80 percent of divorces are only sought by one party, while the other party would rather stay together and try to work through differences.

Since iDivorce Forms will not work with high-conflict (or simply irresolvable conflict) divorce cases, the program may not fit with every situation. 

In Summary

Our online divorce reviews seek to shed light on the ins and outs of some of the most popular sites on the web for do-it-yourself divorce types. With iDivorce Forms, we’ve found a winner. Just make sure that DIY is right for your situation.

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