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My Divorce Papers Review: Top Of The Field For Do-It-Yourself Divorce Types reviewThe first reaction that many who choose to file for divorce have is to rush out and get an attorney. However, many issues in a divorce can be handled without the aid of a costly legal professional, and when there is little to no conflict, those issues should be handled between just the parties. Luckily, the Internet has made divorce easier and less intimidating for DIY divorce types.

In today’s online divorce review, we take a look at one of the most well-known forms completion services on the web: My Divorce Papers. 

How It Works

My Divorce Papers combines up-to-date, divorce-specific legal forms for every jurisdiction in the United States. These documents are guaranteed to be current, and once the appropriate ones in a filer’s area are accessed, filling them out is as simple as answering a series of questions. 

The Q&A format is direct and easy-to-follow, and took us just under 45 minutes to complete from beginning to end. As the user responds, the fields are populated automatically, so that when one comes to the end, it’s just a matter of printing everything out and taking it to the county clerk’s office for submission. 

As of this writing, the process costs $159, though that is currently a limited time offer. Typically, costs are still less than $200.

Potential Drawbacks

While a My Divorce Papers review would be incomplete without discussing potential drawbacks, the reality is that the system itself works fine, even testing you before walking you through the process in order to see if your situation can benefit from DIY divorce.

If conflict between you and your spouse is too high, MDP prefers that you hire an attorney instead. 

To list one drawback, though, we’d say that the do-it-yourself divorce process in general can be a downside because it costs much less and takes a shorter amount of time to complete. How’s that bad? Well, it speaks to the practical side of the applicant, and the truth is, divorce reactions are often impractical. In other words, you may be sold on going the DIY route, but if your spouse isn’t, then get ready for a long legal fight anyway. 

In Summary

We hope our online divorce reviews for My Divorce Papers has been helpful. Remember: even though something may be easier, you can’t discount the human element and the emotions that so often play in to getting a divorce. My Divorce Papers is a superior way to handle your divorce because it cuts the costs, the time and the hassle; but that’s only if both of you are on board. 

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