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5 Qualities To Look For In An Online Divorce Service

As an online divorce review site, we get the opportunity to look at a lot of forms completion services to see what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong. While many sites are able to get one or two things correct, very few fire on all cylinders. If you’ve read our My Divorce Papers review or our Complete Case review, then you know that there are at least a few exceptions. What we’ve noticed about the best can be condensed into five key areas.

1. Attorney-approved forms.

The best do-it-yourself divorce sites are going to offer attorney-approved forms and processes. The sites themselves won’t be capable of dispensing legal advice, but they have gone the extra mile in working with attorneys to ensure their software and their forms are on the up-and-up.

2. Currency.

Every state has their own set of divorce forms, and they update them regularly. Good DIY divorce sites will make sure that their forms are 100 percent current at all times.

3. Guided process.

While some sites offer a quality database of forms, they turn you loose to fill them out on your own. That isn’t helpful to the average person. Sites like My Divorce Papers and iDivorce Forms are known for having a guided, question-and-answer process that automatically populates the necessary fields with each new answer that you provide.

4. Print-ready forms.

A few of the sites that we cover are good at what they do, but they slip up on the delivery process. One that comes to mind actually makes you wait for the completed forms via snail mail. While it’s still a good value, it lacks the immediacy that we require in modern society. MDP and IDF both have print-ready options, so you can access the forms immediately and drive them down to your local courthouse the same day.

5. Affordability.

The best generally price at or below $200 for the entire process. While you’ll also have to pay to file with your local court, you’re still getting off much cheaper than if you were to use an attorney.

In Summary

Not all sites are created equally, and while you can have a good experience at an incomplete website, you don’t want the process to be cumbersome or the price to be too high. Do your research before moving forward.

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