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Relationship Advice From Divorce Attorneys

Relationship advice from a divorce attorney may not be your ideal resource, but these professionals see how marriages can fall apart every day of their lives. They also see how clients are able to put themselves back together again. Therefore, they can be a surprisingly effective tool in rebuilding your dating life and seeing yourself as someone’s significant other once more. Forbes recently asked several to weigh in with some of their best advice, and here were their responses.

1. NYC Attorney Alyssa Eisner: “Be true to yourself. If deep-down you really want kids, don’t tell yourself it will be enough to be a stepmom. You will ultimately resent your spouse, and it will come out in passive-aggressive ways. If you really want someone who won’t come home until 10 p.m. because he’s out hustling and making a lot of money — don’t marry a blue-collar guy, because you won’t be happy. Don’t think you can change the other person. You can’t.

2. San Diego Attorney Zephyr Hill: “Be judicious with social media. Healthy relationships require spending time together in real life, and social media can be a hazardous distraction. Broadcasting the details (good or bad) of your relationship is a recipe for disaster.”

3. Pasadena Attorney Mark Baer: “Synchronize. Avoid most arguments by making it more difficult, if not impossible, to forget things by using synchronized lists, calendaring apps, and the like. Synchronize financial information so spouses can keep track of combined income and expenses, avoid bouncing checks from joint accounts, and hopefully eliminate financial ‘surprises’ that can create marital conflict.”

4. Somerville, N.J. Attorney Francine Gargano: “If you get involved with someone who is divorced, seek out a copy of the complaint and answer in the divorce (not the Final Judgment of Divorce) so you can see the allegations against the individual, i.e. domestic violence, adultery or maybe just irreconcilable differences. You will have a better understanding of the type of person you are dating.”

For more make sure you check out the full article here. And if you’re uncertain of which path to choose in your divorce, make sure you check out these online divorce reviews.

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