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The One Critical Thing The Newly Divorced Forget

76755050Making the decision to file for divorce isn’t easy. Even in cases of a do-it-yourself divorce where there is consent and agreement that the marriage should end, there can be numerous feelings of disappointment, anger, and betrayal. Unfortunately, these feelings can lead couples to make bad decisions by forgetting to make good ones. In other words, there are certain oversights that can make life even more difficult. The most critical?

Failing To Revise Your Estate Plan

Estate plans already have a deficiency when it comes to people actually getting theirs created and finalized. Statistics have consistently shown that a majority of people throughout the United States do not have an estate plan of any kind in place. That’s bad enough, but even among those who have thought about it, they can forget to remove their ex from the documentation.

That means you might be leaving everything to a spouse that you can no longer tolerate.

It also means that your loved ones can be forced out of your last will and testament simply because you forgot to change a beneficiary on a life insurance policy.

What can you do to keep this from happening?

First, Get An Estate Plan Created If You Haven’t.

Many states have laws in place that automatically default your spouse as your heir. While the divorce papers may be finalized and your spouse may no longer be your spouse, you’ll want legal protection from any claim they may have to assets.

Secondly, Change Beneficiaries Immediately.

Every day that goes by where your ex is the sole beneficiary on your life insurance policy or retirement accounts is a day that you risk leaving everything to someone you may not even like. While there is a lot going on in a divorce — even a DIY divorce — this action is just as important as filing the papers.

Finally, Make Sure Your Estate Plan Will Hold Up In Court.

While you may want to use an attorney for part of the process, it’s not entirely necessary. Services like, for instance, compile wishes based on a series of questions and give you all the tools necessary to do it yourself.

Whatever you decide, don’t overlook the fallout of your divorce. Take steps immediately to place your last wishes into the hands of the people you care about the most.

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