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Not Working On Your Relationship: A Big Driver Of Do-It-Yourself Divorce

Most marriages can be savedIt’s a bit surprising that so many couples enter into marriage without ever facing the possibilities that it could one day end in divorce. On the one hand, you don’t want to think about a marriage ending when you’re going in to it, but at the same time, this mindset can lead to taking each other for granted.

Before long, you grow apart because you haven’t taken the time to work on the relationship. Stagnating like this happens to be a big driver of do-it-yourself divorce, where couples grow apart before ever realizing that anything is wrong with the relationship.

If this isn’t the fate that you want for your marriage (or future relationships), here are some suggestions to prevent it from happening.

First, Experience Life Separately. 

While this may seem counterproductive to working on your relationship, it really isn’t. Most couples, who end up deciding to file for divorce, do so because they never have a chance to miss each other. Losing sight of what makes you unique as a person can devalue the time you spend together. When you have nothing to share with each other, communication becomes more difficult because you feel like you’ve already heard the other’s stories. When communication breaks down, so does the marriage or relationship.

Secondly, Always Have Something To Look Forward To. 

Nobody can fault you for falling into the routines of life and work. These routines are necessary for personal growth and fulfillment. However, if all you ever do is the same thing over and over again, boredom can take hold of the relationship and drive you both toward a divorce. To combat this danger, always have a trip or event that you can look forward to — something you both enjoy that allows you to take a break from your busy life and experience new adventures together. It could be a cruise or a wine festival. Just have something always on the radar, and you’ll always have each other in your lives.

Finally, Address Problems As They Arise. 

Fighting may sound like a bad thing, but it’s really the only way that you can learn conflict resolution as a couple. Don’t avoid arguments when they arise. Be heard, but also, be respectful. It may make for an unpleasant evening, but it will keep you away from divorce.

If your relationship is past the point of help and you’re ready to undertake a DIY divorce, let us help you get started today. Our court-approved forms and easy compiling/filing process will take the work out of your hands and help you hold on to more of your money.

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