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The Single Vs. Taken Debate, And What You Can Learn From It

Comedy site ScrollDroll recently posted a list of sad-but-true graphics to Facebook that illustrate rather ingeniously the difference between a single man and one who is taken. As an online divorce review site, we found it interesting because it highlights potential relationship problems that could lead to divorce. There are lessons to be learned in each of these, which you can find in their entirety at this link. For our purposes, we’re going to focus on a few of the most common.

single v taken friends

1. Where Did My Friends Go?

You’ve heard the old joke that when a woman stays out all night and her husband calls 10 of her friends to see if she slept over, none of them have a clue what he’s talking about; yet when the roles are reversed, the woman finds that her husband not only slept in eight different places at the same time, he’s actually still at two of them in spite of the fact that he’s in the next room brushing his teeth. As a single man, you are part of a brotherhood. Too often, you lose that by losing contact with your friends after marriage. While your spouse does need to be priority one, you can’t lose your identity in the process, or the marriage will be headed for shaky ground.

single v taken friend requests

2. Friend Requests

Social networking makes it much easier to facilitate affairs, and it all starts with a simple friend request. When you’re single, you may find yourself accepting anybody and everybody. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with this. But when you’re married, you should be more discerning about who you’re confirming or deleting. Why should you ever accept a request from an old significant other? No good can come from it.

single v taken drinking

3. Drinking With Reckless Abandon

Drinking and substance abuse is something else that you should avoid as a solo activity. In the graphic above, beer represents the single man’s independence. But that can also lead to some pretty reckless decision-making. It’s usually never a good idea to go out drinking without your spouse. It makes temptation very tough to avoid if you can’t do it responsibly. As a “taken” man, you have a commitment to someone else, and so a glass of wine or even a shared six-pack are much better than going to the bars by yourself.

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