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This Woman Had An Affair And Is Sure It Will Turn Into A Healthy Relationship: Why She’s Wrong

Claire from Divorced Moms recently got quite a few eyebrows raising when she wrote an article entitled, “Here’s Why My Affair Will Turn Into A Healthy, Long-Term Relationship.” Claire’s marriage is coming to a close. She’s fallen in love with another man and has embarked on an affair that is still in its early stages, yet somehow, she has the foresight to know this is it. The one that works.

It didn’t take readers long to set her straight. Here are some of our favorite and most insightful responses.

1. “I don’t think it matters what happened in the marriage. What happens in the marriage doesn’t justify having an affair. If the marriage is so bad, fix it or get a divorce. If you choose to divorce, do your best to put it all behind you and then, and only then, move forward with dating and possibly being in another relationship. To do anything else is somewhere between foolish to downright morally bankrupt.”

2. “If something is true, pure and right, you wouldn’t have to justify it.”

3. “Infidelity is for selfish people who allow their impulses to override their duty to their family. There are just too many egotistical people who have no integrity or responsibility to anyone other than themselves. I get really tired of seeing these bogus articles talking about how their impropriety is justifiable and their previous commitments never really mattered to begin with.”

4. “Sorry to burst your bubble, but statistically these type of relationships almost never work out. It’s amazing the type of rationalization and denial some of us are capable of.”

5. “It’s easy for her to write so emphatically about a future that has yet to be seen.”

6. “Also interesting that she’s the one who cheated; it’s easy to be convinced that trust issues won’t be a problem if you’re not the one who has to do the trusting!”

7. “Here is why you won’t: the relationship you had/have is just a fantasy. Real life never entered the picture. The real world where you have to nag him to run the errands or pick up clothes. The real world where he isn’t riding on a white horse, but rather sitting on his ass on the couch all night after work. You are delusional. When things were hard in your marriage, you left for something easy.”

Do you think it’s possible to have a relationship that lasts “till death do us part” when it was started from infidelity? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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