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This Is How a Relationship ‘Works’

Perfect relationships do not exist, and that’s not a bad thing because if they did, then it would be extremely difficult to look at your own as anything but a failure. The differences that exist between two people can lead to conflict, but they are also part of the spark that keeps love alive for 40, 50, or 60 years. While the perfect relationship is unattainable, you can harness your similarities and your differences to create a relationship that works. Here’s how the best couples pull it off. 

First, they are comfortable with who they are as individuals. 

Not only do they love their spouses or partners for who they are as people, they love themselves in the same manner. Each individual in the relationship has the self-worth to feel as if they’re deserving of love, and that makes them attractive to the person they’ve chosen. 

Secondly, be proud of one another. 

For a relationship to thrive you need more than just the sparks that come with a physical connection. You need to be proud of who your partner is as a person. Celebrate their achievements, and let them know every day what they bring to the relationship. 

Thirdly, don’t run from conflicts. Resolve them. 

Rather than putting away the things that bother you and never having disagreements, allow yourself to speak up when your spouse or partner does something wrong, and be willing to listen when they state their case or feel the same. Resolving differences builds a much stronger relationship than running from the problem. 

Fourthly, balance unity and individualism. 

Don’t try to be one person. Be two separate people with unique, diverse personalities. But when it comes to what you do as a couple, find solidarity and act as a unit. Not only will it lead to a relationship free from excuses, but it will also make you both more effective as parents should you ever want to travel that road. 

Finally, earn your comfort. 

Too many people stop trying when they commit to marriage or a long-term relationship. You wouldn’t join a gym and then expect a six-pack ab if you never went. In the same vein, it takes more than committing to a person to get the most out of the relationship. You need to work every day to deserve the comforts that go along with being in a stable relationship. Put in the effort. 

What are some things that you think a relationship that works requires that we haven’t listed here? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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