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How to Rekindle Intimacy in Your Relationship

There isn’t a relationship around that hasn’t experienced it at some point in the evolution. A loss of intimacy. It’s common for one partner or both to get so wrapped up in life and all the daily responsibilities and routines that they lose sight of one another. The bedroom is one of the first places to go when making up for lost time, and that’s unfortunate because it’s so vital to a couple’s bond. 

If you feel that bond starting to slip and you’re worried about the possible outcomes, take action now. Here are some suggestions for getting you back on the right path. 

Schedule time free from all distractions. No kids, no guilt, no worries. Just you and your spouse or partner committed to being with one another physically. You can start innocently enough if you feel rusty. Don’t even think about the bedroom. Just have a date night and do something that you both love to do. 

Do something for your partner without expecting anything in return. Couples who commit to doing at least one nice thing for each other each day — without any expectation of repayment — are much more likely to have a healthy sex life. That’s because for men and women, sex is often about emotional bonding rather than physical. If you feel closer to someone emotionally, you’ll want to be closer to them physically in other words. 

Remember that practice makes perfect. If it’s been a while since you and your partner have been together — blame it on the kids, work, whatever — don’t expect to write your own erotica novel after the first time back being together. Don’t put too many pressures and expectations on one another. Instead commit to being in the privacy of the moment and allowing that to be enough. With this type of “practice,” it’ll become much easier to resume intimacy in the relationship.  

Have you ever lost intimacy in your relationship and managed to get it back? What are some things that worked for you in doing so? Share your thoughts in the comments section. 

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