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What If Your Partner Insists On An Attorney-Led Divorce?

Our online divorce review service sees many different types of needs from the readers who frequent the site, but they typically fall into two simple categories: those who are able to handle the divorce paperwork themselves, and those who will need an attorney, usually due to tension and conflict surrounding the breakup. While the specific reasons for divorce are myriad, that about sums up the drive behind each decision.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a divorce, you’re going to have to ask yourself two questions: 

1. Do I get along well enough with my soon-to-be ex that we can handle the paperwork on our own, thus saving time and costs?; and:

2. If not, what should we do about an attorney?

It’s this second question that we’d like to focus on today. What SHOULD you do about an attorney?

First of all, get separate representation. 

A reputable attorney will never try to represent you both because they know that it’s impossible to serve the best interests of both clients. Therefore, if your spouse floats you this idea, don’t fall for it. 

Secondly, find ways of narrowing your search. 

The old school way of finding an attorney is to crack open a phone book or drive from law office to law office, taking one free consultation at a time. Thankfully, technology has made this process a heck of a lot easier. You can even use our online divorce reviews to locate an attorney referral service that will allow you to submit your information and then wait for the most qualified attorneys to contact you. Do yourself a favor, though, and don’t sign up with the very first person you speak to — at least, not without interviewing other prospects first. If an attorney-led divorce is your goal (or just unavoidable), then you don’t want the divorce to be a game of beat the clock. You want it to be something that creates the best possible outcome for you moving forward. That’s what a good attorney can grant you. 

While an attorney-led divorce will cost more, it can also be a necessity for high-conflict situations. Still, don’t rush your decision. Choose the right person for the job.

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