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Women’s Well-Being Down After Divorce, Study Shows

At our online divorce review site, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest trends in marriage and divorce. That curiosity leads to uncovering some pretty eye-opening studies including the latest from Gallup, released earlier this month.

According to the polling organization, women’s well-being suffers more than men’s when the marriage ends. Some of the findings shared include the following:

  • On a scale of 0 to 100, married people tended to have higher well-being scores (63.9) than non-married (59.6 for singles, 56.5 for divorce, and 54.8 for separated). This particular nugget shows that while divorce can improve well-being from the uncertainty of separation, it still greatly trails those in strong marriages and those who’ve decided not to tie the knot.
  • Married women showed a better well-being than married men, but when they became divorced their well-being dropped off more significantly, crashing from 65.0 married to 57.1 divorced and 54.5 separated. Men showed a well-being factor of 62.8 married but fell into the 55s for divorced and separated statuses.
  • Domestic partnerships — while faring better than the single, divorced, and separated — did not report as high of a well-being as married individuals.

What does all of it mean? It means that marriage is still very important to Americans, and they’re willing to go into it, despite the high divorce rates, because they understand that they will be happier if they find the right person.

Unfortunately, it’s the individuals who so often do not find the right person that end up reporting the lower numbers.

For the full details of Gallup’s polling, click here. You’ll get the full charts, and yes, there are some other interesting relationship finds that make it well worth your time.

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