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Younger People are More Likely to Use Online Divorce Forms, Older People Handle Divorce Better


A recent article appearing on the website poses the theory that older people are less likely to suffer negative health ramification from divorce as opposed to their younger counterparts. The study done by Michigan State University, revealed that the coping mechanisms and maturity of older adults minimized the stress of divorce while younger people going through the divorce process tended to have more negative health effects stemming from divorce trauma.

It makes sense when one pause to think about it. Every sensation and experience when new and experienced for the first time seems far greater and more pronounced then each subsequent time.  Why we act as if the ceremony of  marriage or the process of divorce is any different then any other experience is puzzling. Be it making love, making the game winning play in sports, winning an award, drinking alcohol or the first time with a broken heart; the first time any monumental emotional moment occurs it always seems to be larger then life.

Let us examine those who have been married multiple times. Do we think that a person going through his 3rd or 4th wedding has the butterflys, nervous anticipation, and the excitement as he or she did on their first initial marriage? And if it rings true for marriage it must certainly ring true for the divorce process as well. Its the difference between the first time experience of pure bliss and “been there, done that.” And once again this is no different then the love men have of memories of their first car they owned. Even though success may have brought men a stable of better cars no matter how fast nor exotic-the memory of the old junker they drove at 16 or 17 years old most likely brings good memories.  When one considers the dividing of assets and any issues of child custody and support that will have to be decided on and hashed out no one in their right mind would ever call the process easy. Not to sound brash or insensitive, we realize the process of divorce is far different then buying a car.

What does all of this have to do with online divorce forms you may ask?

It is a good question and one that we would be most pleased to answer. Getting divorced doesn’t always have to be a knock down drag out affair that goes from bad to worse and worse to downright ugly. An uncontested no fault divorce can set the groundwork to let two people who have grown apart do so in an amicable manner based on current Divorce Law that lets both parties keep and split the majority of their assets with a minimum of court costs, lawyer costs, and other type fees that may be prohibitive for a young couple.

If you in your twenties not only are dealing with negative feelings and overwhelming stress brought on by divorce but dealing with the financial ramifications and divorce costs that often times serves as the trigger for the the proverbial last straw.Consider the divorce laws for the State of California which has widely been considered one of the worst states for divorce.

So while some might read the article and be surprised by the findings, we at are not surprised what so ever. Older, more mature people are best to handle and adjust to the stress of divorce far better then their younger counterparts. Ironically, as a website that made its fame by selling online divorce kits  and do-it-yourself divorce our target audience does tend to be a younger demographic. In that regard, we hope our younger audience who the study showed will suffer more of the ill effects of divorce; can takes our advice to heart. Divorce is not the end of the world and the better and more streamlined the divorce process is-those same negative effects will surely be minimized.

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