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Online Divorce Forms; Making Sense in an Nonsensical Time

The process of divorce does not always have to start with a call to a divorce attorney. Lost amidst the shuffle of Kardashian, Woods, Bryant and other celebrity divorce sagas lies the fact that American’s have affordable, non-traditional facets and options towards the goal of severing matrimonial ties via an online divorce kit. offers every legal form needed, as well as an easy to follow step by step guide, aimed at helping average people file their own divorce cases, without unnecessary expenses. The popular website will soon reach the 275,000th hit milestone as consumers and savvy, financially astute adults turn away from traditional divorce pathways towards a more amicable driven pathway.

“Based on my own personal experiences with the traditional divorce process, what can best be described in short as a nightmare, I realized there had to be a better, more user friendly way to work through the divorce process,” said creator and owner Jason McClain.

A recent study examining divorce statistics showed that the year 2010 saw the number of divorces filed in the United States reaching well over the 250,000 mark; clearly suggesting that a divorce process that puts the power to file for divorce in average people’s hands is desperately needed. For those couples looking for an easy, tangible approach towards reaching an uncontested amicable divorce settlement and their unique line of online divorce forms is an optimal solution. Why enter into a process that invariably leads to resentment and bitterness and results in the loss of assets that both parties will split and divide at the end of the transaction?

“Divorce does not always have to be a courtroom battle royale that ultimately benefits Divorce lawyers at the expense of common sense and the assets accumulated over the term of the marriage,” said McClain. has been the premier leading source for downloadable divorce forms since it’s inception in 2001 and expects to see continued growth through 2012. With its user friendly platform and access to divorce forms for all 50 states, downloadable divorce forms are legally binding, being both attorney authored and approved. The Reasoning is clear; adult couples realize that a no fault amicable divorce is the best pathway towards the dissolution of the bonds of matrimony.

“We live in an era where we do our banking online, pay our bills online, attend business meetings online and with the growth of online dating websites; a website making the divorce process easy and affordable is simply natural progression,” said McClain.

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One comment on “Online Divorce Forms; Making Sense in an Nonsensical Time

  1. Fred Jones on said:

    Great article. I agree totally with your thoughts here. Divorce is so hard. Thank Goodness for an online divorce form program. Without them I do not know what I would have done.

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