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How Breakups And Divorce Are Two Vastly Different Things

Recently, Huffington Post asked its readers to comment on the biggest misconceptions that people have regarding divorce. A large number of responses rolled in, but it was this one that really struck a chord for us.

“Some people seem to think it’s no different than breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend. People who’ve never been married try to relate, but it’s just not comparable.”

If you’ve ever been through the process, or are about to as many of the people on our online divorce review site are, then you know how true this is. A boyfriend-girlfriend breakup is simply not the same thing as divorce. They differ in two big ways.

1. Breakups are the end of a relationship that has not yet graduated into the ultimate commitment (by societal standards). There is still a feeling in a bf-gf, bf-bf, or gf-gf relationship like your significant other hasn’t given you ALL of themselves. Marriage is a symbolic gesture wherein you say, “That’s it, you’re the only one for me, you’re worth devoting my life to.” When that commitment is broken, it stings far worse because you thought you had everything only to find out that you had nothing at all.

2. Divorce can affect so many more people, so much more deeply, than the typical breakup. When you marry someone, you truly marry their families. And then you start a family of your own. When that ends, it affects you, it affects your children, it affects the relationships that you have with your in-laws and friends. It affects the relationships that your kids have with those in-laws and friends. With divorce, you have all eggs in a single basket and when that basket falls, the eggs break. The typical non-married relationship, however, stays compartmentalized enough to where you don’t feel so completely lost when it’s over.

While breakups can hurt — there’s no denying that — divorce is so much more impactful. Luckily, you can survive both, and it starts with how you leave the union. Don’t let it ruin you. Instead read our online divorce reviews for some of the best attorney referral and DIY forms services on the web. A simple end can lead to a wonderful new beginning. Good luck.

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