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Mary J. Blige Forbids Husband To Have Female Friends: Here’s Why She’s Right

173633963_6b23387a12_oRealizing this may not be the most popular post we’ve ever done at our online divorce review site, we’re going to take a look at some recent brow-raising comments made by R&B artist Mary J. Blige. Blige is approaching her 11th wedding anniversary to manager Kendu Isaacs.

What’s the secret to their success? 

“He always has my back – he’s going to fight to the death for Mary J Blige,” she said. “The downside is that there’s no separation — it’s on all the time. When you don’t feel like answering to your manager, he’s still your husband. If one of you doesn’t want to talk about something right now, you have to respect that. And you have to respect each other’s space.”

Not too controversial, but that’s not where she stopped.

She also shared the fact that she has banned platonic relationships with other women and decided on the same course of action between herself and male counterparts.

“All females for me, all guys for him,” Blige said. “There’s none of that, ‘Oh, that’s my female friend. Oh, that’s my guy friend.’ No. Not in a marriage, I’ve never seen that work.”

While commenters at Huffington Post disagree with Blige’s decision, it’s really not that bad of an idea. While some may feel it highlights insecurity, here’s why we think, in Blige and Isaac’s case, it’s the right call (and why it may be the right call for you, too).

There is nothing wrong with steering clear of temptation.

Yes, you may think Blige is insecure, but if she and her husband know that it may be too tempting for them to have platonic friends of the opposite sex, then hats off to them for avoiding it. Too often in a marriage (or anything, really), we think we’re proving our strength by deliberately placing ourselves in situations that we know might present a problem. They’ve recognized this — she by banning it and he by respecting his wife — and that’s resulted in one of the longer celebrity marriages that you’ll find.

What do you think, readers? Is there anything wrong with swearing off platonic friends of the opposite sex in a marriage?

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