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Questions To Ask To Determine If Your Co-Parent Is Engaging In Inappropriate Behavior

cowardly breakup linesWe may be a do-it-yourself divorce service, but many of our clients still experience the same pressures as any couple when it comes to ending their marriage. One of the greatest obstacles faced: co-parenting. Whenever children are involved, you and your spouse have to walk a fine line between what divides you (the reasons you divorced in the first place) and what keeps you together (your children).

You want to make sure that your co-parent stays “fit,” but at the same time, you can’t afford to take any chances. Here are some questions to ask regarding your co-parent’s behavior.

Has your ex recently lost his job? 

While job loss is not necessarily an indicator of bad behavior, it can be a warning sign. The circumstances surrounding the job loss are incredibly relevant to the well-being of your child, to any possible alimony/child support payments, and to the type of environment the child is going in to whenever he or she visits your ex.

Did your ex rush in to a new relationship? 

It’s alarming whenever one partner goes from deciding to file for divorce directly into a new relationship. That demonstrates a lack of stability that can confuse and bewilder your child. While you may feel personally wronged and want revenge for an affair, there could be greater trouble afoot than simply how it affects you. A child has enough trouble processing divorce. He or she does not need the extra confusion of having a third person involved that immediately acts as a “stand-in” for you.

What is your ex’s family like? 

If there is a history of addiction, illegal behavior, and instability in your ex’s closest family members, you cannot afford to give the benefit of the doubt. While his life is no longer your business, how his life affects your child is 110 percent your business as is who he’s allowing to be around your child.

Any recent run-ins with the law? 

Arrests, traffic tickets for reckless endangerment or DUI — these are areas where your ex’s behavior officially become your business when there is a child involved. If there is anything like this in the immediate past, talk to an attorney to see what your options are.

As for amicable divorce, we can help you get started today. Our DIY divorce forms are court-approved and can have you walking through the process in minutes. Let us know how we can help you.

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